3 Best Free Android Launchers Apps (January 2018)

Looking for the most effective humanoid Launcher? Hop in as we tend to gift the ‘Best humanoid Launchers Apps’ as a part of our today’s entry.

A peculiar issue regarding humanoid is that the skillfulness and multiple arrays of choices on provide. Many of us, ardent to humanoid should are fascinated by the intensive usage and customization provide on the market with it.

One such providing of humanoid is that the humanoid launcher. though the stock version comes with their launchers that offer deference to their humanoid skins, the customizable possibility permits one to intertwine with totally different alternative selections.

Android launcher vary from being a minimalist one to the feature laden heavily custom-made ones. obtaining a decent launcher for your humanoid skin can nearly want giving the phone a whole makeover with such a big amount of numerous options like font changes, themes and a lot of more on.

Recently we tend to lined the most effective iPhone launchers of 2018 out there to rework your humanoid smartphone’s interface to appear close to clone of these iOS parts.

So we tend to thought of lining out the most effective humanoid Launchers on the market within the app store for you. Hop in as we tend to gift the ‘Best Android Launchers 2018’ as a part of our today’s entry.

Best Free humanoid Launchers in 2018

1. Nova Launcher

Ranked on prime of the list is one in all the most effective humanoid Launchers around, i.e., star Launcher. The launcher comes with one in all the smoothest bit on the market around. It are often custom-made any as per the feeling of the user.

It consumes slightly over fifteen MB of Ram and offers high performance to the hold. It comes with the pure AOSP style of launcher and has seen over fifty million downloads on the app store. That speaks one thing of it, isn’t it?

2. Action Launcher 3

Looking for one thing near perfection, Action Launcher three are often your answer. It comes with one in all the most effective styles around and has fast navigation choices to stream round the screen. it’s a Quicktheme feature that customizes the layout as per the colours from the wallpapers. It any comes with options like Shutter and Covers on.

3. Apex Launcher

Another one that has seen a inordinateness of downloads over the time, Apex Launcher is that the next one on our list. As for the facts, Apex Launcher to has seen over fifty million downloads. It comes with multiple choices for personalization. Apex Launcher permits the user to alter and diversify every element of the house screen and any supports AOSP launcher from Google. The app is pretty light-weight as compared to others and doesn’t feel significant for the OS.