Gittler Guard Provides an Innovative Guitar Experience

Gittler Instruments, LLC is proud to announce the release of its newest invention; The patented “Gittler Guard”.

The guard, made of Waterclear™ acrylic, provides the player with the first ever removable and replaceable guitar neck.  Attaching the guard is literally a snap!  It simply presses onto the back of the spine and provides its player with a traditional “C shaped” guitar neck. 

Also to be released shortly are a selection of alternatively shaped Gittler Guards to provide the guitarist with interchangeable profiles.  Instantly change your Gittler guitar from a C shape to a V, U or D profile with only 15 seconds worth of effort!

The innovative guard design is as clear as glass, which maintains the guitar’s clean lines and bold appearance. It also picks up the glow of the fretlights and provides an uncanny radiance against the player’s body.

The Gittler Guard will make its debut with the guitar at NAMM 2013 and will be available for optional purchase. Just one more “World’s First” for Gittler Instruments LLC.

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