Gittler Guitar for Sale to Public: First Time in 30 Years

The Gittler Guitar is now available directly for purchase from Gittler Instruments, LLC.  Demand is very high for the first 100 production models so the company is taking deposits at the moment.  A distribution network is being established over the coming year.  Inquiries are currently welcomed.

According to Russell Rubman, CEO, “We are overwhelmed by the response we have received since debuting at NAMM.  As a guitar playing company, we truly understand the diversity of musical styles shown by our fellow guitarists.  We strongly believe that the Gittler Guitar is a world class instrument designed to augment a wide range of playing techniques.”

Guitar players are offered the choice of two current models.

 The classic model, priced at $3,995, includes white, blue or yellow fret lights as well as a custom molded metal case, extra bridge, tripod tummy bout and LOXX™ strap lock attachments.  The “Armed Forces” Special Edition model, featuring Deluxe Tiodize™ Type 2 “Weapons Grade” finish, includes green fret lights and accessories listed above.  In addition, this premium model comes with a special edition camouflage metal firearm case.  The price for the “Armed Forces” Special Edition model is $4,795.