Gittler Guitar Production: The Final Stage!

Gittler Instruments is pleased to announce that it is preparing guitars for shipment and that all our manufacturing hurdles have finally been cleared!

For those of you that have waited patiently, your shipment time is rapidly approaching. For those that have been on the fence…the next batch order is filling up fast!

Expect to see great things in early 2015 as we ramp up production, revise our website and roll out the new Gittler Bass Guitar.

We are very excited about the press we have been receiving and soon you will see major magazine reviews and limited distribution coming to select musical instrument establishments across the country.

2015 will be the year where our brand makes the jump from the pages of advertising to the hands of cutting edge guitarists all over the planet.

We would like to thank everyone for their loyalty and support throughout this two-year journey. It has taught us many lessons that will help us to more easily transition from the guitar to the bass to the violin and onwards….it’s all about taking our design principles and applying them to every form – to liberate it’s function!