Gittler Map

Find a Gittler Guitar Near You!

We know that guitar players like to play a guitar before committing to it. As we only sell direct at the moment, this isn’t really possible for our customers – although we are happy for anyone to visit us in Islandia, NY.

So we thought about connecting our existing customers with those who are curious about Gitter Guitars  and would like to see and hear one for themselves.

Using the digital map below, you can find Gittler Guitar owners near you, get in contact with them, go to their gigs, hear the amazing sound they get with their Gittler Guitars, and possibly try one out.

– Zoom in on the map to find users in a specific area. Click on the markers to see which Gittler they own, get their details and get in touch with them.
– Click on the menu on the left   and select or de-select items to only display markers for one or a few model(s) in particular.
– To dive into the map viewer, click View fullscreen. 

There, you can interact with the map (zoom, hide/show layers, etc.), look up your own location and find Gittler Guitars near you. 

If you are a Gittler Guitar owner and would like to be featured on the map and it you are happy to possibly be contacted by fellow guitar players in your area, just take one minute to fill in our form here.

We would greatly appreciate your support, and in exchange for your help with this project, we are offering you some exposure by adding to your marker a link to your band’s website (or your own), as well as up to three videos.