Guitarist Nation Interviews Gittler Instruments’ CEO, a popular guitar blog, has recently interviewed Mr. Russ Rubman, CEO of Gittler Instruments, LLC.  In this exclusive interview, Mr. Rubman discusses the company’s inspiration for reviving the iconic 80’s Gittler Guitar.  The interview also covers information regarding guitar testing, performance, pickup design, accessories and availability.

According to Mr. Rubman, “My inspiration was a perfect storm of elements that all came together at the same time. I happened to be a metallurgist, selling rare and exotic materials to the aerospace and defense industry and I specialized in titanium. I’ve also been a guitarist for over 30 years and a guitar collector. And I’m also a big fan of “minimalist design” philosophy. So when all of these things converged, I saw a Gittler guitar at auction many years ago and I just had to have it, so I bought it.”