Latest Gittler Guitar Improvements

The first batch of Gittler Guitars are scheduled for shipment end of 2013! 

Below are the latest improvements achieved:

-Wider sweep on the bass/treble cut.
-Additional tuning to the Midi output to improve tracking.
-Internal dipswitch added to toggle between MIDI raw output and filtered output.
-Change to bout arm geometry for better balance.
-Loxx Ball on both ends of bout arm.
-Bout wheel increased to 1.75” Dia. and larger Hex Screws specified for

improved torque on both arm and wheel lock-down.
-Changes to EQ curves and active boost specified mobogenie for pc  on PCB.
-Locking collet mechanism on tuners to allow for faster string changing without removing tuners.
-Changes to laser cut graphics on guitar and breakout box.
-Breakout box improved “audiophile quality” headphone output.
-Two choices now for Gittler guard option, thin speed neck and chunkier neck profiles available.
-Internal midrange boot dial

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