GITTLER: The Only Guitar that Never Needs a Setup!

Professional luthiers recommend that you generally get a setup on your wood guitar whenever it changes seasons.  Besides costing approximately $70-$150 per setup (2-4 times per year!), having to tweak your guitar this often can be frustrating and time consuming.

Imagine not having to ever pay for a setup again…

Imagine a guitar that plays like something you’ve always dreamed of…

Well, stop imagining, since the Gittler Guitar never needs a setup!  The Gittler Guitar is the only instrument of its kind since it is made of 6AL-4V aircraft grade Titanium.  No truss rod and certainly no warping to ever worry about.

The Gittler Guitar is designed so that the bridge has a small amount of parallel and axial movement within its channel. It is not a “floating bridge” in the truest sense of the term but the variation is enough to allow for minute adjustments to the natural musical scale temperaments.

It is important to note that the Gittler Guitar is not subject to the same rigors as wood or other materials that routinely expand and contract throughout seasons and over the course of years. The Gittler Guitar should play as well on the day it enters your home as it does on the day it enters the next century.

Want to say goodbye to costly and time consuming setups and maintenance?  Order the Gittler Guitar today for the best guitar playing experience on the planet.