Press Release: Musician and Titanium Expert Russ Rubman Introduces Three New Gittler Basses

Islandia, NY, Dec 7, 2015 – Russ Rubman, a seasoned musician, titanium expert and CEO of Gittler Instruments, who re-launched the 1980’s iconic Gittler Guitar in 2013 is now launching three new Gittler Bass Guitars. The original Gittler Guitar, made of stainless steel, resides in the permanent collection of both the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Boston Fine Arts Museum.

Continuing on the successful launch of the Gittler Guitar, Mr. Rubman and Yonatan Bar Rashi, percussionist and son of the original inventor of the instrument, Allan Gittler have worked together to develop 4 and 5 string fretted basses and a fretless bass model.

Similar to the six string Gittler Guitar, these basses are manufactured of aircraft grade titanium with an optional weapons grade finish and weigh in at 6 to 7.2 pounds. The revolutionary design includes LED fret marker lighting patented tuning machines, complete MIDI implementation, headless design, innovative pickup architecture, 31 frets and the ability for players to expand across a broader range of notes.

The newly improved Gittler Guitar debuted at NAMM 2013 and received a rapid influx of attention through various news and media sources, as well as celebrities such as Andy Summers, John McLaughlin, Billy Sheehan and Marc Mann.

The new Bass Guitars will be debuted at the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA in Hall D Booth 3199.

According to Russell Rubman, “We are overwhelmed by the response we have received since debuting at NAMM in 2013 and the bass guitar has generated extensive interest online even before we officially launch at NAMM in 2016. As a guitar playing company, we truly understand the diversity of musical styles shown by our fellow guitarists. We strongly believe that the Gittler Basses are world class instruments designed to augment a wide range of playing techniques.”

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