Gittler Guard $450 to $495

Gittler Guard $450 to $495




Gittler Guards:

Our standard slim “C” speed neck makes fretting chords easier and more ergonomic by positioning your fingertips perpendicular to the fretboard. This slim profile, paired with our open fretboard concept makes it is easier than ever to fret chords such as a first-position F chord with ease and dexterity. A slim neck will work in tandem with the physics of your fretting hand to take the sting out of difficult shapes. Multi-string arpeggios, sweep-picking riffs and string-skipping patterns can all be played with more accuracy and clarity.

The Gittler Endurneck TM is an asymmetrical profile made up of three flat surfaces. It is thinner on the treble side and thicker on the bass side towards the nut.It is almost parallel behind the 7th fret and gets thicker on the on the treble side and thinner on the bass side as it goes further down towards the 31st fret. The result is a more benign hand posture, which reducesstress on the muscles, joints and tendons. It also has the effect of making rhythm playing easier towards the nut and lead playing easier as the neck progresses to the upper reaches.