Gittler Guitar – “Armed Forces” Special Edition $8495 Deposit $2000

Gittler Guitar – “Armed Forces” Special Edition $8495 Deposit $2000



Featuring Deluxe Tiodize™ Type 2  
“Weapons Grade” Finish

Teflon™ impregnation of the base metal to provide a smooth but extremely hard exo-skeleton.

This interstitial coating is electrolytically applied, providing anti-galling properties and superior surface hardness.  It is used in jet aircraft turbines, helicopter rotors and military weaponry systems.

It is extremely damage resistant and will rarely require cleaning or polishing.

Green LED fret lights!


-Special edition camouflage metal case
-Tripod tummy bout
-LOXX™ strap lock attachments

Total Price:  $8495 

Deposit Required:  $2000


Camo Case:



Upgraded Custom Fiber Case:

carbon-case-open 1

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