Memories and thoughts from musician J. Morvay:

Big props to you guys for keeping Gittler alive.  The original Gittlers have taken on mythical status and to make it available is a dream come true for creative musicians everywhere.  I have always been fascinated with non-traditional guitars and never could quite grasp why everyone plays conventional guitars.  Collectors spend a fortune on vintage guitars that 99% of the time have no Mojo.  Mojo is an elusive thing.

In 1993 I began to search for an original Gittler.  I have a very eclectic guitar collection including Steinberger Prototypes, Steve Klein originals and dozens of headless guitars including the “Teuffel Birdfish.”  My prized possesion from the master’s hand himself is my Acoustic Gittler.

I read the article in the Willie Mosely interview Vintage Guitar magazine circa 2003 and e-mailed Bar Rashi about purchasing a metal Gittler.  He had no originals and didn’t enjoy talking about them or me inquiring about them cause at the time the Israeli models did not meet his impeccable standards.  It is the reason today I have passed on several of the 2nd generation small body model.

Allan Gittler (Bar Rashi) quickly got me excited about his new acoustic version.  I ordered it immediately.  It arrived a few weeks later from Israel in a burlap type cloth…dripping wet with oil and perfectly in tune!  Like the Holy Grail from the Holy land!  Like everything he did…it is mind blowing and brilliant!  Amazingly 10 years later…it is still in tune.

I turned many heads playing it and my favorite reaction when guitar Luthiers saw it was “OMG that is amazing in it’s simplisticity.”  Like Occam’s razor…”other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one.”

All the best and thank you for keeping his genius alive.

-J. Morvay

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