Synth Guitar

Synth players love the Gittler Guitar because of its superb MIDI tracking, which we claim to be the best currently available on the market.  Gittler’s patented electronic design benefits from hundreds of hours of research and labor. It is fully compatible with Roland and other popular MIDI units.  

The Gittler Guitar already provides a truly unique playing experience but the addition of six individual string outputs and a dedicated synth interface make it a new breed of musical instrument.  The palette of tones and the ability to forge new ones is limited only by the players’ imagination.

Plugging into a MIDI unit also activates the fret light marking system.  This system provides a soft LED glow that illuminates the player and provides position markers as a road map for dimly lit venues.

If you choose to be even more minimalist or if MIDI is not your style, we also provide an OTB (Outside The Box) device where you simply plug in your D13 cable and run a standard 1/4″ guitar cable to your amplifier.  The OTB will power the fret lights and it also has an audiophile-grade headphone amp built right in for those late night practice sessions!

We welcome all players (especially the daring and adventurous) to play the Gittler Guitar and challenge themselves to become leaders of the pack. To learn more about our world-class synth functionality, keep up to date with our blog or contact us!

Synth Guitar Video with Gittler: