Viva Video For Pc!! A Glimpse Into An Amazing Video Editing And Camera

Video editing and making is no more restricted to professionals but has also become easy and fun via enormous plethora of video based applications present in the Android market. One such very popular application that has been very successful in gaining the attention of smartphone users is the viva vide for pc application. The application supports filming videos with camera lenses in various modes like basic, selfie, funny, animated and FX option. You can also make use of the feature for exclusive Instagram or Vine option. The application comes with a slideshow option that can turn your clips into movies, stories and integrated into artistic collages via single click!

A Sneak peeks into comprehensive features and tools of the application

  • Utilities include music video support with partial and full screen playback, timeline display and addition of timelines.
  • Incorporates video transition effects, Storyboard feature and Audio Support
  • Speed control, Animation support, share and download make it quite enticing and easy to use

Exploring the powerful video features that make viva vide unique!

  • You can enhance your premade videos by adding in transitions and live FX motions.
  • Let’s you control video speeds via motion control in slow/loud speed
  • Audio adjustments, video transitions, blurred and reverse backgrounds make it more appealing and easy to use.
  • Once made, you can share the same over your Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Vine, WeChat etc. Letting you connect with friends.

Once the video gets created through Viva vide it can even be locked to provide privacy.  The application has already crossed about 500000+ million downloads on Android it shared a rating of 4.2 at the Android platform. Moreover, its routine updates and bug fixes, it offers a very hassle free access to rich multimedia content and is definitely an amazing choice for all smartphone users out there who are looking for some professional video editing experience without spending hefty amounts of money.

You can begin the use via simple mode to start with as this will let you explore the diverse features one by one. Homemade videos can be beautifully transformed into most amazing stories using the tools it has.

Pros of using the application

  • Customer friendly interface
  • Attractive layouts and Designs
  • 9 Camera Lenses to boost your video clips
  • Thousands of filters, clips, stickers to make things interesting
  • Easy to use and self-explanatory guidelines
  • Absolutely free of costs

Cons of Using the Application

  • Has limited number of pre-installed tracks
  • Requires intensive storage and will crash down in dearth of space ion your device
  • Updates are heavy
  • Come with a non-separable watermark at the bottom


Viva vide is creating lot of buzz all over the world and has recently crossed about 50 million user downloads at Google play store and has been functional in more than 70 countries. Currently, being one of the most sought after video editing and camera based application in the world of android, viva vide promises users to have wonderful experience transforming even the most simple everyday moments to cherished memories.